Singapore weigaoda financial group

Founded in 2005, the company provides professional foreign exchange, fund, futures, spot, digital currency, US stocks, Hong Kong stocks, Taiwan stocks and investment analysis services.

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Company profile

Singapore weigaoda financial group (hereinafter referred to as weigaoda) has developed into a group company providing global investment and management services, and a private equity investment company supported by a set of strong consulting services. Its investment focuses on Financing in the early stage of new business and expanding capital for the regional development of the company. The group's specialty is attributed to its familiarity with the region, its management network and position as an industry leader, its ability to identify good entrepreneurs, and its active contact with individual and institutional investors. Based on the balance as of June 2021, PreQin ranked the 12th most stable fund manager in the world and the third fund IV in the world.

Address of Taiwan Branch: Ding District, Shimao new town, No. 72, Songping Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.

What are the services for Taiwan: provide financing services for listed companies, provide global data support for fund institutions, and provide professional Taiwan stock investment consulting services for individual investors.

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Singapore weigaoda Data Storage-HDFS Cloud Storage System

Companies have higher requirements for data storage, not only in capacity requirements, but also in data fault tolerance and scalability

High fault tolerance

Multiple copies of data are saved automatically. Fault tolerance is improved by adding copies. The lost copies can be recovered automatically

Suitable for batch processing

It uses mobile computing instead of moving data, and it exposes the data location to the computing framework.

Streaming data access

Write once, read many times, cannot modify, only append, it can ensure data consistency.


Singapore weigaoda Global Ranking

  • No. 12

    Most consistently performing fund manager worldwide*

  • No. 3

    Fund IV Ranking of its vintage worldwide*

  • 2 Top

    quartile funds and 2 seconds quartile fund*

Singapore weigaoda Advantage

  • 1Cost advantage

    Later funds investing in companies we have cultivated, where we know the team, strategy and have seen execution success in sectors that are still in the high growth stage.

    Best of Vickers is important for our risk mitigation strategy that sets a firm foundation, which has gestated a success rate of 72% with 50% of the successes being home-runs.

  • 2Advantages of economic model

    We look for sustainable business models with competitive edges; platform plays are key to our portfolio risk mitigation as we are investing.

    This reduces the risks as regardless of the success of the various verticals in each of our target sectors, as long as the sector grows, the platform will grow too.

  • 3Safe, reliable and reliable

    The single most important factor in our investment screening is people. A great entrepreneur with strength of character can pivot a failing business model into one able to cross the chasm and become a success.

  • 4Strong financial strength

    Our Macro Trends play which draws on our investment committee experience and nuanced big picture understanding has been key to beta risk reduction and portfolio diversification because sound investment is not subject to trends.

  • 120+

    Country distribution

  • 200+

    Cooperative partner

  • 1000000+

    Audience group

  • 100+

    Team members

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Core team

Road Map

  • June 2018

    Preliminary market research and concept verification

  • October 2018

    The first draft of the white paper was completed, and the prototype project of core contract agreement was officially launched

  • December 2018

    The construction of equity technology is used to carry the development of technologies and tools such as scalability and security

  • December 2019

    Launch round a angel investment round and establish 188 global node servers

  • December 2020

    Online exchanges, and continue to expand to the world's major well-known exchanges

  • December 2020

    Launch the 4-month round B angel investment round fighter super node, and generate some market super nodes through competition

  • May 2021

    Singapore weigaoda holds global conference

  • December 2021

    The company community continues to grow, and the number of nodes and light nodes has grown exponentially, covering most of Eurasia

  • December 2022

    Singapore weigaoda has become the most solid and university communication bridge between equity technology and the real world, and is widely used around the world

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1 Harbourfront Avenue, #16-06, Keppel Bay Tower,Ding District, Shimao New City, No. 72 Songping Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan
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